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May 6, 1998

I've discovered a disturbing phenomenon today: when being photographed I need to find a new pose and must remember to smile. Below are two photos taken very recently. On the left is Joey and I taken last Sunday. I was a very happy camper in the photo (Must have had something to do with who I was standing next to?) and yet, I don't look it. Then, below that, a picture of Dax, Derik, and I taken last month during the Threepenny run. Almost the same position and I look like I'm having the worst time possible. Ack! This must change. As Dax told me today, I need to show some toothy smiles from now on... thanks for telling me now and not earlier Dax! :p

I should have many more photos, of the two shows, up in a few days...

Now, aren't you glad you're reading this column on a regular basis? Without reading this you'd never have known that I figured this out. Where would you be then? I ask you.

I finished writing my Poli. Sci. paper tonight. Thanks to a nice set of classes this semester I have no finals to take during finals sseason this time around. Only a few more days of classes and a few small projects to get out of the way.

Tomorrow night, Joey and I are going to see the movie City of Angels. Plans flip flopped when a lot of people had made plans already to see Hollywood/Ukraine on Friday. So, we're gonna' join 'em and see the movie tomorrow night. Again, something I'm sure you were really dying to know.

- mark


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